Admission conditions for the educational year 2023-2024

Submission of the documents

1. Passport copy
2. Original diploma and its application
3. 3×4 sized 6 photos


Do the tests in the  chosen field


On the day of the exam you should pass the interview of our professor teachers

Educational credits

According to the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan number PD-323, educational credits will be given by state and commercial banks:

Without percent for girls

14% for boys


In medical fields tests will be from chemistry and biology subjects, for other fields test will be IQ(logical), history and English subjects.

An opportunity of the online submission

Online registration for 2023/2024 through website or through these numbers

55 3050009

Exam results

Exam results will be announced  within two working days.

An opportunity of transferring the study from abroad is also available.

The entrance exam benefits include:


✔️Applicants   with 5,5+ IELTS certificate  are admitted to the “English language and philology” direction without exams. Additional points are added for other directions.


✔️ Additional points will be given to the applicants with the military qualification.


✔️Additional points  will be given  to the applicants  who was awarded in Science Olympiads of the Republic to their chosen fields.


✔️ Winners of Uzbekistan,  Asia and World Championships will be admitted to the field of “Physical training” without examination.

Reason for choosing Asia International University


Choice options : you can choose your direction among 14 bachelor and 3 master directions according to your  wish.


Scholarships have been arranged for active students with excellent marks during the educational process.


Payment options: it is possible to pay  contract fee into several parts


High educational quality, modern classrooms, high qualified professor teachers


Relative ease of admission, the possibility of passing IELTS during study, free style of clothing for students and teachers


For the organization  of extraordinary mobile lessons practical knowledge  along with theoretical will be taught.