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Has the University taken a license?

On November 10.2022 the license number 047757 was given by the Inspectorate of Control of the education quality under the Cabinets of Ministers to Asia International University to provide higher education services.

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for the 2023-2024 academic year

We provide students with the education and experience not only to succeed in their careers. Maybe we’ll help them succeed in their careers – discover an area they’re passionate about and help them navigate it

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⚡️”Zakovat 3″ – Intellektual bellashuvi yakunlandi!


Navbatdagi «Futbol musobaqalari» start olmoqda


Shaxmat-shashka musobaqasi start olmoqda ♟

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Choose the form of education that suits you

Currently, there are full-time, evening and part-time forms of education at Asia International University of Asia.

Good news for those who want knowledge!

According to your needs and wishes, motivational, psychological, science-related books, works of art and bestsellers were brought to the library of Asia International University  in Russian and English languages.

Innovations in the field of education

As you know, the admission process continues at Asia International University. In this regard, many students are asking questions about transferring their studies. Now we will give information about this. Students can transfer their study to our university from state or non-state higher education institutions, as well as from foreign universities to the second and...

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Modern education of the highest standards is our goal. The educational program at the university is structured in accordance with national and international standards and provides opportunities for your talents and interests. Our pedagogical team is ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. Asia International University, along with providing quality education, guarantees that you will become a mature specialist in your field. Our priority is to train high-level personnel!

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The university offers the same diploma as the state universities

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